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A Few Words About Us

Hansan opened its door more than two decades ago in the area of Panmure.  It all began when the constant craving for Vietnamese food and the lack of such cuisine back in 1990 (when the Chin family migrated to NZ) lead to the idea of a restaurant.

The restaurant proved popular and as words of mouth spread, the local Auckland community embraces us as their ‘regular fix/joint’ for Asian comfort food.

  Our humble beginning proved to be the backbone that held the business together and shortly we grew into a group of more than 10 restaurants. The same philosophy also opened up doors for ventures into Malaysian and Chinese cuisine.

We are very thankful to our guests for giving us the thumbs up for being the most value-for- money Vietnamese restaurant and the opportunity to be part of the local community. With this, we strive to do what we do best and look forward to seeing you in our restaurants.



Have been here lots of times, the food is fresh and filling and usually quite fast. (sometimes extremely fast) Also the prices are really good value. This is a very nice place to go and catch up with friends if you are hungry, etc. Not a fancy dining place, but the premises are r...


i eat at hansan at least twice a month.. i love walking in to the place and hearing there indoor waterfall,, it does not take long if you are stressed to start feeling calm.. as soon as you are seated a jasmine tea arrives.. orders are taken fast and it only takes 5-8 minute befo...


If you are after good value, good tasting Vietnamese food in good surroundings then I recommend Hansan in Newmarket. My sister and I were looking specifically for a cheap eat and this place was recommended by a colleague. The menu is extensive and, whilst I am normally adverse to...